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Our clients inspire us to become better at what we do. Jacques, the owner of  The Order, serves as an example. His passion toward his work and the way he meticulously designs every tattoo, made building a great website and designing fitting stationary effortless. With a history in graphic design and a focus on the meaning and symbolism of art, he designed the logo himself, we merely directed and refined the logo. Since he specializes in custom tattoos, we knew we had to create something unique to depict his brand and zeal for the art.

Logo Design & Stationary

Everything starts with a great logo

Web Design & Development

An inviting website that informs and inspires

My tattoos reflect a spiritual reality that is one with my body and its purpose. Everybody is designed to worship, and what better way than to do it through ones body as a living sacrifice. This reality drove me to extend it to those with the same internal need for expression. I now design because I am designed.
Jacques Malan – The Order Custom Tattoos