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Dichotomy in Design

Living, breathing, design

Dichotomy is a graphic design company that finds innovative visual communication solutions for small to medium sized businesses (SME) – people with a passion for their vision. Dichotomy is based in Gauteng, but operates in regions across South Africa. Living, breathing design refers to the relationship we build with our clients. We walk along side you, plant the idea and shape its growth. The outcome of all projects are measured by simplicity, excellence and cadence.

Simplicity – the quality or condition of being easy to understand or uncomplicated in form or design and correctly refined.

Excellence – the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. This is not perfection, but rather ‘to the best of your ability’.

Cadence – rhythmical effect in written text, good balance and flow.

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Our aptitude resides in problem solving. Identify the need, conceptualize a solution, implement and monitor to adapt. These are all important to achieve a balanced success. In other words, any and all information becomes relevant. We apply our skill of business analysis so that you can communicate effectively with the right audience. The work is then displayed in the form of logo -, print – and digital design. The detail is found on our services page.

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